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攀登 . 挑戰 . 培訓 . 玩樂

Introductory class designed for beginners, so that novices can learn the basic safety knowledge and protective skills of sport climbing in a short time.

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Introductory class designed for bouldering beginners, allowing participants to easily master the methods of bouldering and immerse themselves in the endless fun of bouldering!

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Experience course provides a channel for children to have the opportunity to get in touch with and experience the fun of sport climbing.

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Sport climbing is a challenging sport that is both stimulating and good for physical fitness. It is very suitable for friends of all ages to participate.

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We are the best choice of experience Sport Climbing

in a fun and social atmosphere.

Under the full supervision of HKCP instructors, our climbing fun day, parties or group event are all about having as much fun as possible whilst exploring the many exciting climbing challenges HKCP has to offer.

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