Group Event

Required to online booking and settle the payment at least 2 weeks before.

We are the best choice of climbing activities for private gatherings or corporate events. Our staff will be happy to customize your booking to suit your needs. We can also provide food served in a private room for your party. Under the full supervision of HKCP instructors, our climbing parties are all about having as much fun as possible whilst exploring the many exciting climbing challenges HKCP has to offer. We can also provide food served in a private room for your party.

Minimum No. of participants: 10

Ages: 4 and up

Please complete your enquiry on the form below, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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    Point to Note︰
    – Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
    – You must wear sportswear and socks.
    – Showers and lockers is available.(Please bring your own towel)

    Terms and conditions:
    – Hong Kong Climbing Park verify the payment after received , customer will receive an Confirmation notification.
    – Refund is not applicable if applicant cannot attend the courses after registration.
    – For changing the date or time of the course, customer must notify at least 48 hours before the course, HK$100 administration fee will be charged per person each time. Please ensure that you can attend the course as assigned before registration.
    – Personal insurance is not included in any activity organized by HKCP, please purchase one if necessary.