High Wall (Yuen Long)

HKCP will regularly closed some sessions for route setting, please refer to Facebook or Instagram for route setting schedule.

8-meter-high Indoor High Wall in the shopping mall atrium is not affected by the rain. All climbers are welcomed to use the Auto-belay System, so that all friends can enjoy a comfortable and safe environment. Enjoy the climb!

Perfect Descent Speed Drive

Perfect Descent Speed Drive 自動防護器,其安全設計即使初次接觸攀爬亦容易掌握,使用時只需將 Auto Lock 掛扣從指示牌上拆除,並連接於安全帶的 belay loop 上,往上爬時掛繩便自動快速收回,與攀爬者同步上升。當下降或墜落時,自動防護器立即提供制動,慢速下降至地面後將 Auto Lock 掛扣扣回指示牌上便完成整個流程!